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Don’t forget to stop by the Big Fish Games booth and say hi! Location: Boston, MA Dates: Rumored to be March 10 – 12, 2017 Ticket price: – 5 (Check here for registration starting Fall 2016.) Great for: Meeting industry folk, music, playing new console games Photo by nvidia.(creative commons) PAX West was such a smashing success for years that the convention set up shop on the East coast.Check out the first in the series – a list of anime conventions! But in my experience of attending conventions for 14 years, you haven’t lived until you attend a convention. Check here.) Great for: Playing big-name games before they’re released, tabletop gaming, learning from industry pros Photo by Danosuke (creative commons) Who knew that a humble web comic about gamer life, borne from the creativity of two friends, would grow into the largest fan-operated gaming show for the public?Find a good one and you’ll be on your way to a 72-hour non-stop high with hundreds or thousands of people who are just as passionate as you are. The Penny Arcade comic creators could branch off into a comic convention.They’ve had no problem in shooting back at various anti-gaming gadflies like Jack Thompson or bringing down suspect gaming marketers like Ocean Marketing At the same time however: for people who claim to hate bullies with a passion, they sure as hell act like one whenever the mood strikes.I’ll be honest: I tend to have a negative impression of the webcomic side of Penny-Arcade and not just because they’ve taken a shot or two at me personally.PAX draws in crowds large enough to fill a football stadium – and in record time. And that’s weekend passes doubled from in 2013 to 0 in 2014.) Short for “Penny Arcade Expo”, PAX is known for representing a comprehensive breadth of gamerdom: from retro to next season’s anticipated console release, from tabletop gaming to independent gaming, expect to find it there. I could easily write blog posts for a solid week about PAX, so I should stop while I’m ahead.

“Every night, we’re raped to sleep by the dickwolves.” Many people – including survivors of sexual abuse and rape – found this strip to be offensive beyond PA’s usual “edginess”. Tycho and Gabe posted this in response: To say that people were pissed off is something of an understatement.Another word of warning: we know it says "the 10 best" in the headline, but because there are so many great webcomics out there, any list was always going to be controversial; we've had to leave off Mega Tokyo and Ctrl Alt Del, for heaven's sake, to name just two.The ultimate in geek humour, XKCD has been making jokes about PERL programming language, Cory Doctorow and heartbreak since 2005.Just like a case of herpes, the dickwolves are back again.Penny-Arcade’s Mike Krahulik said something stupid again. Frankly, I wish I could believe he was actually sorry.(“♬I bet you think this comic’s about you….♫”) But it’s the Dickwolves controversy – and the way that Penny-Arcade has handled it… And frankly, Penny-Arcade’s antics – especially Mike’s – are emblematic of an ongoing problem in geek and gamer culture.


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