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Ved type 2-diabetes, eller aldersdiabetes, produserer kroppen for lite insulin, eller det behøves større mengder insulin enn det kroppen klarer å lage fordi insulinet virker dårligere (dette fenomenet kalles insulinresistens).

Type 2-diabetes debuterer gjerne etter 40 års alderen, men kan også opptre tidligere.

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Diabetes skyldes nedsatt funksjon av hormonet insulin som spiller en sentral rolle i reguleringen av sukkeromsetningen i kroppen.

And with Boeing just having that forward vision and realized I think the impacts that we could potentially make, especially on the Dreamliner because there’s so much carbon fiber that requires titanium.

And so that partnership was crucial and developing it sort of behind the scenes for the past year.” Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Garry Douglas says what’s unexpected and exciting about the Boeing contract with Norsk is how quickly it came to fruition.

“It happened remarkably quickly which just shows the high degree of confidence that Boeing had once they took a look at this technology to quickly come to a conclusion: we can save a lot of money, we can increase productivity, this is going to work.” New York state approved a 5 million investment in the Norsk Titanium factory in last year’s budget.

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