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I replied that I just broke up with my boyfriend, and was currently single.

Then, the customer asked me whether I was willing to get acquainted with one of his rich friends.

I was just a bartender at the time and doing some freelance production work aka unemployed.

To come to the point, a lot of my days were free so I would just cruise around with her and watch rich people be rich people.

At the time, my friend was working as a personal assistant to this crazy rich guy with crazy demands.

She spent her days shopping for him, getting his cars washed and essentially just wiping his ass.

Two years ago I moved to Los Angeles, which Miley Cyrus describes as ‘the land of fame and success’.

I was initially nervous to move to LA because all of it’s notorious stereotypes; one being how materialistic the town is.

Because he is a legacy billionaire, saddled with all luggage (and privilege) that implies. Obviously, you can’t really believe all gossip, but when I occasionally hear through the grapevine that his wife is ultimately not all that happy, it doesn’t surprise me in the least.Last summer, I experienced first hand how money makes people crazy, and I am here to tell you ALL about my ridiculous date with a millionaire.Who was this dude and how did I stumble upon him, you ask?However, he did comment to me once awhile back that I reminded him of his (then) girlfriend, so maybe that was some kind of mild flirtation (yay me).If I’d been single myself and were really offered the opportunity, I would have at the very least taken that bad boy for a test drive. His ex-girlfriend is a supermodel, and his ex-wife is an esteemed attorney.Etiquette is not about discriminating between sexes and classes – it is simply an orderly way of doing things.


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