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There is growing interest in combining RNAi screens with gene editing, chemical genomics, overexpression studies and phenotypic screens, which will all be discussed here.Screening experts from industry and academia will share their experiences leveraging the utility of these diverse screening platforms for a wide range of applications.This discovery led to a surge in interest in harnessing RNAi for biomedical research and drug development.Significant developments in si RNA therapies have been made with both organic (carbon based) and inorganic (non-carbon based) nanoparticles, such as these which have been successful in drug delivery to the brain, offering promising methods of delivery into human subjects.SRI researchers have extensive experience in target validation and assay development, discovering new molecules to interrogate those targets, and developing new molecular entities into lead compounds for clinical evaluation.

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This hybrid RNAi nanoparticle platform may serve as a valuable tool for validating potential cancer targets and developing new cancer therapies.They are thus relevant models for target discovery and drug screens.It is imperative to select a relevant 3D model when performing high-throughput screens.However, significant barriers to successful si RNA therapies remain, the most significant of which is RNAs have a well-defined structure: a short (usually 20 to 24-bp) double-stranded RNA (ds RNA) with phosphorylated 5' ends and hydroxylated 3' ends with two overhanging nucleotides.The RNAi for Functional Genomics Screening will cover the latest in the use of RNA interference (RNAi) screens for identifying and validating drug targets and exploring unknown cellular pathways.


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