Who does idris elba dating

Underlying profits, which strip out one-off costs, were up 54 per cent to £19.3m.He added that the warm weather had meant fewer coats and winter jackets had been sold, but he was confident they would start to move when it became colder.

If this were a market in Topeka—or, heaven help him, Baltimore—the forty-four-year-old Elba would most likely be recognized as Stringer Bell, the Machiavellian heroin dealer he played on the HBO series the BBC series on which he plays a gifted detective with a disastrous personal life.But then, just before they pass us, they spot the dictaphone I've been clutching surreptitiously, and their faces darken again: a journalist, they think. Having wasted half a second's thought on me, they lob a last, hopeful smile over their shoulders at Elba. And if he notices all of this through his shades, then he's far too cool to acknowledge it.An actor friend of mine says he observed a similar phenomenon at a showbiz party not so long ago.The Mountain Between Us is set to be released in October.A stroll through Soho with Idris Elba is not an experience I'd recommend to any man of average height, build or attractiveness.Saturday afternoon in late spring, and the Farmers' Market in London's Notting Hill neighborhood is bustling: People mill about the tents and tables, blissfully shopping for organically grown tomatoes, raw milk, and little gem lettuce.


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